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Jan 18, 2008
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winamp have taken control of my master sound on my computer :wow:

sometime it would be good to just set in it mute, but when I've done that there's no sound!

Any idea of fixing this?? :)
thats probably a matter of your selected output plugin... one thing you can try is use a different output plugin (such as the directsound output), or otherwise go to the preferences of the output plugin, there it should be possible to select how the volume control works...
I have the same problem... been like for 2 years now :lol: have to check the plugin thingy :mask:
haha, good to see i'm not the only one! :)

I've tried with different plug out. But then there's no sound, whatsoever.. :s
haha, I will try :p

Just dobbel click at the one who is marked:


and just "ok" and "close", restart winamp and done!

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haha, I will try :p

Just dobbel click at the one who is marked:
and just "ok" and "close" and done!


and had to restart winamp but man it works!!!! Wooot im so happy :super: thanks

ive been searching that for so long that I gave up already :mask: