Hejira - No Mercy (Hard Tech Trance 2008)


May 18, 2007
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For the first time since Antidote (Dec '07),
a demo mix of the harder side of Tech Trance,
featuring crowd favourites from a combination of
recent & upcoming gigs for the first half of 2008.

01. Joey V - Lick It Loop It Love It (008 Rebuild)
02. Stuart Millar - Goodnight Sienna (Dark Dub)
03. BK + Nick Sentience - XL
04. BK + Lee Haslam - Sticks & Stoned
05. Lee Haslam - Zippa
06. Remo-con - Narky Light
07. Kidd Kaos - Ground Zero
08. Walt Jenssen - Walt Street
09. Louk - Shadow Of The Beast (Kamui Mix)
10. Kamui - Electro **** (ASYS Mix)
11. Dr. Willis + Dark By Design - Rotten Egg
12. Alf Bamford - Heartburn (Dark By Design Mix)

Download: Hejira - No Mercy (2008)
WHOOAA! :wow: Very very very Nice tracklist mate!!! :super:

I loooove hard tech trance :bow: :bow:

I'm downloading ur set right now and will return with some feedback later. :music:

Mega awesome set Hejira! \o/

I just finished listening to ur mix and i completely loved it :super:

Amazing tech choonage from start to finish. :mml:

I highly recommend u passing this set on to other peers who really love tech-trance ;)

Keep up the great work mate and cya around on the AH Forums soon! :grinning: