Hell, So hot I need a fire extinguisher


Jul 16, 2006
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Are we feeling hot??? Yeah I am feeling pretty hot.. the newest TechTobias song is up.. What did I tell you? Is that power or is that power?
I had the speakers so loud that my seat was vibrating! ;) Yeah.. baby.. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Turn up the bass, and prepare to rock! Don't forget to throw your arms in the air and headbang! What? You don't normally do that on the dance floor? You are missing out! Ok.. it goes like this.. grab the person in front of you.. thrust your hips up behind them and then both of you slam your head forward! Repeat! Over and Over again! And Again.. and some more....
O wait.. sorry.. I was... umm.. anyway....

Party on the right globe!
Party on the left globe!

It's gonna be a hot night!!!!!

You can come party at myspace

or meet up with us on our Official site listed in our After Hours profile.
Party On,
Love Tech