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Help in splitting music


Dec 22, 2007
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hello dude,
i need your help in splitting music file.. I had downloaded few GB of music but the problem is that all files are too big to play in my list. i want to slpit them according to the list..
can any one help me to slpit the file and what software i should use...

hope i will soon get reply to this...:mama:

It's pretty apparent that he wants individual tracks... :mask:
if you make a cue file, you can split the tracks using some software
thank you xruntime...
Can you say me howt to make cue file.. because here we dont get cue files.
I purchased a program online called "MP3 Cutter Joiner" that is great. I set my points for 4 minutes each and then run the track through the software and it's perfect everytime. You can set them manually as well to get the track divisions precise.