Buy: HELP... Looking to buy tracks 320 kbps mp3 legally but cannot find them !


May 30, 2010
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I was looking for some tracks but I found out I cannot find them to purchase on digital 320 kbps format as far I can see. I was hoping not having to purchase vinyl (in second hand state) and new hardware. So can anyone tell me how to obtain these 320 kbps MP3 LEGALLY?

Some examples

24 - The Longest Day (Armin van Buuren Remix)
Chicane - Love on the Run (Blank & Jones remix)
Subtle By Design - Sirrius (Angelz Remix)
Matt Darey - Moody (Original)
Axyms - Platine (Club Mix)
Bombario - The Beginning (Airscape Remix)
Carl B - Radiance (Northern Project Remix)
DJ Machine at Wallringtunnel - 7 days & 1 Week 2006 (Mark Sherry's 2006 Outburst Remix)
Project Zero Presents DJ Irish - Alone In The Dark
Scott Mac - Connection (Mark Sherry's 2005 Outburst Remix)

Note I want these exact remixes, not variants...

Kinda frustrating trying to purchase it legally and not finding them as you can imagine, any help would be very appreciated and welcome!!!
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If you've tried the usual online shops, then try tweeting the producer &/or label and see what they suggest.
Thank you very much for your suggestion Vicky.
Unfortunately some of the labels where the tracks above were released on no longer exist.
The DJ's and Labels that are still active I will have a look.
For those that do not exist anymore, I think I will have to search for the vinyl.
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And what is the point of the quote?
I'm asking how to get a hold of some really rare old tracks that are really hard to find
Hi! I have some of this tracks:

24 - The Longest Day (Armin van Buuren Remix) - LOSSLESS
Chicane - Love on the Run (Blank & Jones Remix) - LOSSLESS
Bombario - The Beginning (Airscape Remix) - MP3 320

Can share it. PM me.

DJ Machine at Wallringtunnel - 7 days & 1 Week 2006 (Mark Sherry's 2006 Outburst Remix) - available at -
If it is specifically MP3 that you are after, many of these tracks were released on CD, often cheaper than buying the vinyl and will yield a better result when being transferred to your desired format.
@DzTC : Thanks fro the junodownload link
@Calvin Karass : Thanks for the suggestion, that's actually a very good idea and welcome to AH.FM !