Hey everyone! An intro from me...


Apr 23, 2007
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Hey there,

Right! 2nd attempt, I accidently closed the browser window, doh!

My name is Nick, or DJ Abstraction, and I have been "mixing" since the latter half of 2005. I purchased a Hercules DJ Console and got to grips with that. Approximately 1 year later I purchased a Behringer BCD2000, as I thought it looked more the part and had allot more "pro" functionality on offer.

I mixed with that for under a year, although I still have it, I decided I wanted something a little more professional. So I have purchased a set of Denon DNS1000's and a Numark DXM-06. The learning curve is obviously allot steeper for me not having a beatmatch feature, but I'm getting there none the less, and thoroughly enjoying it.

I mainly mix trance, variations of vocal, progressive. Although I do like mixing other genres and like trying out new things, I have a few strange mixes, although I prefer to only upload the ones I really like.

One of my favourite, and probably my most popular mix is Cause and Effect. You can download it from here, or play it from here.


1.) Noel Sanger - Forget (DJ Tarkan & V-Sag DJ Friendly Mix)
2.) Kristine W - Save My Soul (Lior Shulman Intro Mix)
3.) Depeche Mode - Only When I Loose Myself (Steve Lawler Mix)
4.) Delerium - Angelicus (Morgan Page Mix)
5.) Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (Phones Control Voltage Mix)
6.) Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (Jon Pearn Dub)
7.) Tom Sigmond - One Moment (Original Mix)
8.) Noel Sanger - One Drop (Vox Mix)
9.) Darren Tate - Prayer For A God

I have loads of mixes on MusicV2, and plan on doing loads more, hopefully my next mix will be from my new decks, although I have done a guest mix for DreamensioN which shall be released soon, which I'm really looking forward too.

I've never done a "gig" as such, only played for friends and family, although after allot of practice I hope to do a few some day :)

Is that enough info?

Anyways, hi to everyone! :itsme:
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