History of Trance music

Dig Jean-Michel Jarre. Have a good life son.
To me EDM specially Trance. Is like a good drug. Unless you mix it with alcohol. :drunk::lolz:
Trance music is a form of dance music characterised by an emphasis on synthesized melodies and house style electronic 4/4 beats. Trance tracks are usually based around heavily quantized melodies, with a hypnotic and often repetitive feel (hence the name). Common sounds heard in trance are arpeggiated and gated synth riffs and sweeping pads, with the few real instruments limited usually to piano, strings and acoustic guitar, if used at all. Often large, amounts of delay and reverb are used, adding to the emotional, uplifting quality of the genre.
Ive been listening to trance music for a short period of time, but i absolutely love even the roots f it, the notas musicales are almost magical to me
my opinion on the History of Trance.

Detroit, car industry, people that worked like machines .
Techno was the logical consequence.
Trance was a little child of techno that ran from its parents and wanted to play.

AH, when the machines stopped working, machines played.
So trance is something between playing and praying.

Techno wasnt danceable enough. Trance was.
Trance connected to Earth via dance. The Earth was happy to feel her machines having fun.


(no idea what to do about Rave. i do know that Germans also had a car industry)

[everyone connected to the birds. birds migrate and so on...]
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