House Sessions - Promo Mix


Jun 7, 2006
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A little mix I did tonight, very happy with the results. Please let me know what ya think, good and bad! Im still learning, but think I'm finally getting closer to where I wanna be. This mix is all over the house spectrum with a little progressive, eletro, tech, and even some funky house.

global deejays - get up
PH Benz & MD - Turning the Curve
Rockers HI-FI - Push Push (Mandy's Mix)
DJ Desciple - Changes (NY Sexy mix)
Josh Wink - Higher State of Conciencness (Dirty South)
Superchumbo - Fall out
Ronald Klinkenberg - Whats the point
Jesse Somfay - Jewelsweet Groove (kiki remix)
Roman Salzger - Lollipop Machine
Fine Taste - More Grey than Blue
Professional Losers - Big Fat nasty filthy bass
Swen Weber - Bassman (Chris Counts Remix)
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Couple people sent me messages stating the mix was only 4:08 long, appears to be a problem with the drupal Audio module, and I have corrected that issue, reuploaded the file and verified its the proper length now.