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How do you know your obsessed with Nitrous Oxide?

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Oct 11, 2009
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I haven't posted a topic in a while, so I decided to come up with this one! Ok I'll start:

You listen to his radio show every time it is on.
You love all his tunes.
You can't wait to buy his new album.
Trance is like oxygene .. .. ..

:: Nitrous Oxide - Aurora ::

As the Eastern European dance scene has exploded into the worldwide arena, so have their leading lights. Polish star, Krzysztof Pretkiewicz, aka Nitrous Oxide, made his debut on Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats label back in 2006 with ‘North Pole/Frozen’, the track having caught the ears of the UK’s biggest DJs who subsequently snapped it up for their acclaimed trance imprint.

In the intervening years, Nitrous Oxide has come to further international attention, with support from Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, and many more, for tracks including ‘Magenta’, ‘Red Moon Slide’, and ‘Cornflake’. Kryzstof has appeared on many leading compilations including Trance Nation and Anjunabeats Volumes 4 to 7 mixed by Above & Beyond, Cream Ibiza mixed by Paul van Dyk and A State Of Trance mixed by Armin Van Buuren, whetting the trance community’s appetite for his distinctive, euphoric take on the genre.

‘Dreamcatcher’ is the full-length album the forums have anticipated, bristling with the type of energy, musicality, and deft production touches he’s become renowned for. With increasing progressive and electro elements evident in his music, the album brings together some of his previous highlights (‘North Pole’ / ’Frozen’ in an exclusive 2010 edit), alongside a wide range of new tracks that move from full vocals (‘Follow You Feat. Aneym’, lyrics co-written by Justine Suissa from OceanLab) to techier bombs (‘Mirror’s Edge’ / ’Dreamcatcher’), epic instrumentals (‘Muriwai’), and tranquil, beatless moments (‘Alderan’ / ’Amnesia (Chill Out mix)’.


1. Alderaan
2. North Pole (Album Edit)
3. Mirror's Edge
4. Follow You Feat. Aneym
5. Muriwai
6. Blurry Motion
7. Downforce
8. Come Into My World Feat. Sean Ryan
9. Dreamcatcher
10. Far Away Feat. Aneym
11. Endorphine
12. Supra
13. Amnesia (Chill Out Mix)

What I love about N2O tracks? Well I guess it's the driving energy and dynamics and uplifting sounds that always put you in the mood to dance!
There's only ONE true N2O track, and that's Accellerate, and always will be!
I like all of his work because he uses Fruity Loops, and that is one of the only software's I have tried & somewhat understood.

I couldn't just single out one of his tracks because he has so many great ones, but my personal favorites are

Nitrous Oxide - Amnesia
Sundriver - Feel (Nitrous Oxide mix)
Nitrous Oxide - Frozen Dreams