How do you record professionally your Dj mix session?


Apr 27, 2013
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Do you use limiter only or compression as well?
What would be your conservative setting to work around the difference of level between 2x records ( that shit happens all the time when the pressing on 1 record is not so good) and be able to give your mix a nice little pumping feel without squashing too much?
I see its an old post, maybe you got it all figuret out allready. But i use a limiter only as an ekstra security, but i allways keep my levels safe in around -8 db, so i have some room for massive basslines during transitions. I never use the limiter to get a pumping sound, cuz the songs should be played as it is AND if you overcompress you will hear it during vocals and hi/mid allso.. :)
Good good your idea is excellent, too.
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