I miss you all :) ...


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May 1, 2006
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Been a week since I been away and I have to say that I miss you all!!! ;(

I can't wait to get back and feel good again... im glad kowy is doing a great job running the schedule :) thank to all of you for support and making afterhours to what it is now.

all i do now is :P from the cafe in poland :) hehe

ps im looking forward to:

ded 23 Xmass Special
dec 29 Polonia in the Mix
dec 30 Afterhours New Years
dec 31 Last AURA
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OH! are you in vacation time,? good for you Dan, enjoy LIFE! Happy holydays for you and your family BTW! :)
not really vacatio but family member is really sick and i had to come as well a recent funeral :(

im trying to be happy :)
Miss you too Dan. Come back soon. Jordan is hurting my feelings on MSN every day. He keeps annoying me with messages when I'm trying to do stuff.

And he doesn't know how much a gallon of fuel is in Canada. :P
Will you two grow up already? :P

Dan, its been quiet here in Calgary without you. Not much to do, except listen to music on your radio station! Hurry you A$$ home!
Omg i miss Dan so much :( I was thinking for jumping the flat. The good news is: He will return! <3 I expected ah to be way less alive because of Dan moving to Poland. I'm glad that's not the case.

Good luck there Dan!

btw. When is Dan comming back? o.O ( I should know though )
no just for family issues, funeral and other things.

hang in there guys :)
Hope all is me well with you and you hang tough buddy! Let me know your schedule so that I can pick you up. PM or email me your flight itenary (spelling?).