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ID Please


Resident DJ
Jul 28, 2006
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so i just found this clip on my comp.. i know i downloaded it like a year a ago from someone asking for id to it, but never got any answear...

i really wanna now the name on this one!


d/l the clip - I'll give it a listen - dont hold your breath

for me to get the right answer.

post back after a few listens

Tried to remember where I heard this intro but after

5 goes - failed - sorry - its very stirring maybe an intro

from an anthem at Sensation 2005 black or white - sorry

thats all I can suggest.

hope that helps you.

I dl it, but its not familair to me.
thx for trying to help me out guys, i forgotted i started this topic.
i think i know the title now, actually had it on an old "ITWT" cd thats not been played for a long time :p:
as far as i know it's Art Of Trance - Breathe (12" Vox Mix) that is feautured on "ITWT vol5" mixed by Cor Fijneman :super:

lovely track <3