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ID Thread


Jul 9, 2007
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Well, since DFX started a lyrics thread, I thought of what would be an interesting game - post a 10-20 second sample of a song that we'll be able to guess, and then someone has to guess it. Once they do, they post a sample. (If no one can guess it, the same guy should do another one).

To Record: Audacity, Inc (Choose "What You Hear" or "Stereo Mix")

Upload To: Boomp3: Upload and share mp3 files


1) Magik (1)

First Up: sample: listen online
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Sounds like a remix of Prodigy - Smack My ***** Up
Yeah, DJ Hype remix of prodigy smack my ***** up...

Now you're supposed to post a sample...or whoever wants to...
haha nice idea i like this :)

i think tomek will win, he is ID master i think :)
Fine, I'll post a sample again (next person to guess posts their own!):

sample2: listen online

This one is harder, left in a little vocals so you could maybe figure out who sings