Feb 29, 2008
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...you would create an event for about 400 PPl with a 10 hour Line Up...what would you do...how does it look like...wher do you do, when do you do etc...

give some examples and ideas...or if youve done already please tell me your experience ...what was good...what was bad...what to look after...

Personally i think you should start off with planning, planning ahead. The main issue from your example is the 400 people & the 10 hour lin-up. I suppose like almost any other project you need to be prepared weeks maybe months before the actual date its supposed to take place. Plotting out a weekly timeline could be a good start and setting goals & milestones to achieve every week or so could be of big help.

U may also want to invest time in a plan of action (Action Plan). In other words a description of what needs to be done, when and by whom to achieve the results called for by one or more objectives. It contains task assignments, schedules, resource allocation and evaluation criteria. May be a simpler version of a project plan. So an action plan is a step-by-step plan of action and schedule for correcting a process or a quality issue.

Next and most importantly, the financial/budget plan. How will the project be financed. Will there be/is there a budget? Estimated costs etc etc

The last step is an evaluation on how everything was performed & if everything whent accordingly.

This is just a rough lay-out and how I would try to tackle this project. Especially a project consisting of 400 +- guests. Preparation is key in this case.
Does this help you out a bit?
yeah thx

the planning i did exactly like you wrote...with a complete S.M.A.R.T. Plan ...the only thing i did already is to find sponsors etc for making it no cost...th rest is done

what i want is ...how should the event look like...

How it should look like? As in a theme, colors, design etc?
Wow, that's very detailed and specific stuff..
Which for me would be difficult to help you out with. I don't know what kind of event it is you are taling about. So my ideas are very general.

let's take location for instance. You're from Austria as I can see. I've never been there but I can tell you that the location needs to accomadate the 400 people. This including parking availability, security, emergency exits + routes etc
its very easy...when you go to an Trance event...what should it looklike that you will go there
its very easy...when you go to an Trance event...what should it looklike that you will go there

Should look like ID&T's Sensation Dance Events or something in that direction :)
ID&T organized events such as Sensation, Mystery Land, Trance Energy and Innercity...
dont think you'll need a side event for 400ppl, maybe a chill out zone or something.
Oh and about those 400 people on Webster Hall...
K-Fed had like 250 people during his "show" lmao...
Nothing.. can be worse than that:lol:
dont think you'll need a side event for 400ppl, maybe a chill out zone or something.
yeah but what will bring the ppl to the feeling it was an amazing event...chill out zone/relaxing area is helpfull...but what about other things like food & beverage...

mean everywhere in the world the ppl can go to a club of their choice to have fun...so why they should go exactly to this event when theres nothing else than a good line up to have fun ?

so what else can be done to make the ppl feeling its the greatest event they were ?
Vicky would you came over from London for an Event with for example Schulz, Shossow, dfx and some local DJs ?? Is that enough to make it ??

Thats the main question...what must be done
if its outside, yeah food & drink is essential, if its indoor club based then in hiring the club im sure they'd take care of that.

id suggest contacting a few dj's management, finding out their fees etc, then u can estimate ticket costs and so on i guess.