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Ignacio Basualdo Demo Mix 03-07 - Afterhours.fm


Mar 2, 2007
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Hello Laan ! How are you !! Let me introduce myself .

Im Ignacio Basualdo , 24 years Old From Buenos Aires , Argentina .
Ive been DJing and Producing from half of 2005 .

My style of music : Progressive Trance / Trance

Guest Mixes on :

BPM hosted by Martin Vannoni @ DLA Radio
Frecuencia Zoom Hosted by Cristian Gandini @ ADN Alternative Radio


Releases and future releases :

Ignacio Basualdo - Mutation ( Sonidotech )
Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark ( I. Basualdo Bootleg )
Ignacio Basualdo & Darioef Feat Vicky Fee - When it takes you down ( TBA )
Ignacio Basualdo - Untitled ( TBA )

MySpace : www.myspace.com/ignaciobasualdo

About the Radio Show :

I would like to introduce to all the listeners a Monthly show of 2 hours , the first hour a mix made by me and the second from a Dj guest or someshows 2 hours mix made by me .

The style will be Prog Trance / Trance with some incursions in Progressive House too .

About the DEMO :

192 kbps - 62:28 - Ignacio Basualdo Demo Mix 03-07 -

Tracklist :

Liquid Soul - I Get A Rush ( Motion Remix )
Mikhail Zaberov - Orbital (original mix)
James Wood, Wandii - Kinetic Caper ( Cressida Remix )
Flash Brothers feat Tiff Lacey - Stay ( Noel Sanger remix )
Elevation - Blinding Truth (4am Dub Mix)
Gabriel Batz - Inner touch (Mike Shivers Catching Sunrise Mix)
Orion - Adamantica (Original Mix)
Vision84 - Highway Central ( Original Mix )
FKN Feat. Jahala - Why (Aly And Fila Remix)



Thanks for this opportunity and i will wait for an answer !!

See ya !
maybe the introduction was too large :(

No one listened to it ??? :wow:

See ya
tracklist looks nice,I am sure Laan and others peoples will get back to you soon and give feedback
ciao :smile:
tracklist looks nice,I am sure Laan and others peoples will get back to you soon and give feedback
ciao :smile:

Thanks Stella , i was worried couse i didnt see at least an " i will take a look " :)

Bye !!! :hello: