Imagine by Armin Van Buuren

after listening to this album for 3 months..

i am in love...

gorgeous album and when compared to oceanlab....

it kills it.
Imagine I think a good record with incredible vocal and sounds very good ... I think a very good Disco
after listening to it for a couple of months now, some tracks ( like never say never ) even start to annoy me. At first i thought it was the bomb, but the influence of menno from Rank1 is far to big ( which armin sort of admits on the imagine dvd, having no time and all..) IBut nevertheless: he is still my number one, always has been !!!!!
Shivers and 76 for me are much much better.

I miss the lack of more instrumentals,but Intricacy is sooo great.

76 is class '

there is one or two tracks a do like on armins imagine album ' unforgivable & fine without you '

personal opinion is a decent album but wouldn't say its armins best album he ever made

p.s - for got to add the decent remixes ov them tunes a like off his album rollin about

Unforgivable - (First state remix)


Fine Without You (Sied Van Riel Remix) (( If thats the right title lol <<))