Impulsive Drive - Reload EP


Jan 12, 2008
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Impulsive Drive - Reload (Original Mix) [06:20m]
Impulsive Drive - I Feel Love (Original Mix) [07:42m]
Impulsive Drive - Unanswered Prayer (Original Mix) [09:00m]


Impulsive Drive - Reload (Original Mix)

As currently spun by Armin this is with no doubt the banger of the EP. From begin to end you will jump your seat / wet your pants of exitement! This is rather a short track with it's 6 minutes 20 but then again you can expect a short build-up and straight to the climax! The main riff is just off this world! Really eager to see this one been spun in the club! Hopefully Armin will spin it at Armin Only. The break contains some nice female "ooohh ahhh" vocals to set the mood for the fantastic riff. Be sure to check out the samples if you haven't done that yet!

Impulsive Drive - I Feel Love

After hearing Reload first, i expected the other two tracks to be just off the same style. I was totally suprised when i heard this one is a more progressive trancer! I have no doubt this will be picked up by some dj in the future. Again i'm really impressed by Mark's production quality! Very strong driving bassline in this one, percussion is top notch too! Instruments used for the main melody are quite common in this genre, and perhaps not that original but still effective and creates a perfect atmosphere! Certainly not a track which will bore you to death like 50% of the modern trancers. let's find out what the last track has to offer! Check the sample out of this one!

Impulsive Drive - Unanswered Prayer (Original Mix)

When i first turned this one on it really reminded me of Mike Mikhijan's - Endless Existence [Alter Ego Progressive] in some way. Think it must be the beautiful guitar riffs! They are really well made and with the use of some native vocals you really think you are dreaming! Will give this some more spin time for sure! A perfect C side of this wonderfull EP! Altough the track is quite long " 9 Minutes", you won't skip any parts in this one! The build-up is quite dreamy and very catchy! Hopefully for Mark and Resonate Records this will get huge support! Listen to the samples to find out what i'm talking about !


My first review on Resonate Records! Make sure you will listen to the samples as i can make sure you will like either one of the three tracks! Reload is definitely my favourite track here followed by Unaswered Prayer! Will give them proper winamp time for sure haha

Thanks to Will Watson / Manager [Resonate Records] for giving me this opportunity!


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