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Nov 26, 2007
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[IN]Head-Kay - Housensations 007:
Date Created: 12/06/08
Its been over a month and a half since the last housensations, and there has been so many good releases in the past period. It was one of the hardest track narowing down processes I ever had to endure. I had initially lined up around 70 songs, and they eventually became 18!

This year's Ibiza Cocoon's lineup was all techno producers and DJs, this came to prove how the minimal scence is at an all time high. And staying with that dark freaky atmosphere rise, the first 20 to 30 minutes is mostly minimal techno sounds that will get the most joyful of you to join the 'darkness' !

As we start to move to the more 'happy' stuff, I had to go over one of this summer's hottest house tracks : "Vinny Troia and Shawn Mitiska - House Revisited (Original Mix)" , Troia and Mitiska have really articulated one of the catchiest tracks. With an extremly powerful bassline, catchy tune and cool lyrical content, 'House Revisted' earned the right to be considered the track of our set !

A new remix of the legendary Cafe del Mar gets that old skool vibe back, while a highly energtic funky Felix Da Housecat tune makes you want to get down on to the beach !

Mitiska apparently cant seem to stop producing quality tracks. Delorean is just one of them, and the Interplay remix is simply divine. The Cerf and Mitiska sound is apparent on this one, a typical proggie choon. The next track was a bit of a surprise. Kaskade, one of the most liked house producers out there, has teamed up with Deadmau5 , one of the most promesing producers to answer many of his critics, where he managed to truly capture the miami essence with Kaskade, with extremly dreamy vocals, that gave me goosebumps!

We then start to go to the trancier part of the set, while staying proggie. Andy Diguid's new fat choon, made it all the way to Tiesto's ISO7 compilation, and it made it here as well ! A truly magnificent summer track, that manages to combine an extremly well worked bassline and sweet ibiza inspired melodies, with Leah's sublime deep vocals!
Marcus Schossow, Armada's new kid on the block, cant ceaze to impress. The 22 year old lad, has his new Tone Diary EP out, and with it came a bundle of monsterous tracks, including Deconhearstruction. The name sais it all, excellent work on the synths, this track just plays with your heart, be aware ! Tocadisco's latin vibed remix of Outro Lugar is a true beauty, while Jochen Miller has managed to capture the essence of Reflex, but transformed it into a grandoise track that im sure will crack dancefloors over the comming months.

In this Housensations we managed to go from the freaky dark techno sounds all the way to proggie stuff then end on a trance note. I hope you guys like the set, and im looking forward for all your feedback!
Rave On! Peace out until our next session ! :)

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01- Oliver Klein & Martin Eyerer - Babylon (Original Mix)
02- Hugg & Pepp - Smack
03- Florian Meindl - Tears (Original Mix)
04- Colin Hobbs - Coming Up (Christian Hoff Remix)
05- Cirez D - The Journey (Original Mix)
06- Vinny Troia and Shawn Mitiska - House Revisited (Original Mix) [Track of The Set]
07- Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Out Of Office Remix)
08- Felix Da Housecat & Kris Menace - Artificial (Original Mix)
09- Shawn Mitiska and Matt Cerf pres. Flux Capacitor - Delorean (Interplay Remix)
10- Kaskade and Deadmau5 - Move For Me (Extended Mix)
11- Andy Duguid feat Leah - Wasted
12- Robbie Rivera - Escape (Jochen Pash & Norm Remix)
13- Marcus Schossow - Deconheartstruction (Original Mix)
14- Jonas Steur - Holiday On Mars
15- Arnej - They Always Come Back (Original mix)
16- Prok And Fitch Pres Saloma De Bahia - Outro Lugar (Tocadisco's Nunca Chove Floripa Mix)
17- B.E.N. vs. Mr. Pit - Superstition (Original Mix)
18- Artento Divini - Reflex (Jochen Miller Remix)

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