[IN]Head-Kay - Housensations 008

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Nov 26, 2007
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[IN]Head-Kay - Housensations 008:
Date Created : 07/07/08
Its a new month, and a new set is in store for us. This time we did thing a little bit differently. We start things on a dark note, Sasha's new label 'Emfire' is causing big news in the dark house realms, and his latest release 'Park It In The Shade' with Dimitri Nakov & Gabe on the remix, deserves all that news! Henry Saiz decided to remix a legendary track made by Diggers and Muir last year, a remix which got supported by big names in the industry, including Diggers himself. A very dark remix, that manages to capture the essence of Gridlock, while keeping Saiz's touch. Workidz is back to producing ways, and in this remix of 'Dont Feel No Shame', he shifted from his normal proggie tribal norm to the more minimal stuff, remarkable!

The set then turns Techy with Mark Knight's grandoise new track. This one really captured me, and I have to admit, Im hooked ! He teamed up with Adam K and Soha, two well known techno/house producers, and the result was nothing short of expectations. A truly magnificant track that combines a well worked kick, with a trippy melody that stretches through the track, with a deep voice that takes the track to a whole new level. We stay techy, with Sebastian Drums & Rolf Dyman's remix of KT's 'I Live for now'.

Proggie is by far the genre of the moment. Even the hardest of house and trance heads are starting to appreciate this growing phenomenon. And whenever we mention proggie these days, we cant but think of three names : Sultan, Ned Shepad and Jerome Isma-Ae! All three are amazing producers in their own rights, and when they get together they produce wonders. They just cant seem to stop producing, and june/july brought along three wonderful tracks, showcased in this housensations. 'Villa Nova', 'Come Together' and 'A Fine Balance'.

Claes Rosen has a new release out, 'Sweet Memories' , which was remixed by many household names such as Arthur Deep and Mango, however the Original was by far the best Mix. Extremly melodic stuff, a true work of art, lovely work on the synths. While Zoo Brazil's Kalle is simply a musical masterpiece.

As we reach the more housy and energetic part of the set, we go over an extremly catchy track. Allexinno's 5AM remixed by Paul Damixie is one of the special tracks that come out every once in a while and just draws a smile on your face. Lovely Irish music feel to it!

Fedde Le Grand is back! 'Three Minutes to Explain' was actually released on 21 January on flamingo records, but didnt really start to wreck dancefloors until recently, and the Patric Le Funk remix is a bit of an undiscovered territory which brings back the tribal vibe back. We end with a remix of a very well known oriental track by the legendary egyptian diva Om Kolthoom's 1001 nights, with Nari and Milani on the remix. Lovely stuff. Enjoy!

Download Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XJM7J7Q2


01- Sasha - Park It In The Shade (Dimitri Nakov & Gabe's Park It In The Deep End Dub)
02- John Digweed - Gridlock (Henry Saiz Remix)
03- DJ Aron & Sample Guys - Don't Feel No Shame (Workidz Minimal Fox Vocal Mix) [Track of the Set]
04- Mark Knight, Adam K And Soha - From The Speaker (Original Mix)
05- Keith Thompson - I Live For Now (Sebastian Drums & Rolf Dyman Remix) 06- Urszula Dudziak - Papaya (Tom Novy Remix)
07- Jerome Isma-Ae And Roy Stroebel - Vila Nova (Original Mix)
08- Claes Rosen - Sweet Memories (Original Mix)
09- Sultan feat. Zara & Tommyboy - Come Together (Original Mix)
10- Zoo Brazil - Kalle (Original Sand Reworked)
11- Ned Shepard - A Fine Balance (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
12- Allexinno - Sunrise 5 AM (Paul Damixie Remix)
13- Corona DJ - Move The Sound (SH 101 Roland Mix)
14- Bart Claessen - Catch Me (Dada Life Remix)
15- Fedde Le Grand - 3 minutes to explain (Patric Le Funk Remix)
16- The Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go (Tocadisco Import Remix)
17- Flash Republic - Star (Prok and Fitch Dub)
18- Madonna - Give It 2 Me (Jody Den Broeder Club Dub)
19- Simioli Vs. Nari & Milani - Etnika (Nari & Milani Remix)