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Interested in getting aired on tha radio!


Dec 11, 2008
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I work for a station down in fresno and i would like to get a show going called: Nocturnal Transmission. playing all sorts of dance, but mainly trance and progressive! Now i aint a mixer so i need djs to supply mixes. i would like the show to air saturday nights from midnight to 2 and showcase different djs. two 57 minute sets. two different djs. but to pitch the show to my pd i need examples of how the show could sound..so i need mixes NOW. if you have a mix you want to send me to use in the pitch..hit me up!!! email: isaac.roqstar@gmail.com
.....or reply to this post! the dj would be fully announced. the mixes need to be radio clean and no drops...my production team will supply full drops and vo of the dj in the mix!