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Is Pluto a Planet? (Breaks) + Cue


Oct 30, 2010
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The Dark Symphony : Is Pluto a Planet?

This mix may contain language not meant for people that can't hear bad words... F***kin Earmuffs Maybe Required.

Turn up the Bass.

01. Hironimus Bosch - Breakin Ruff (Original Mix)
02. Crooks International - Diamond Ringz (Banga Breaks Mix)
03. Ivory & Wizard - Jonny 5 (Original Mix)
04. Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (LunyP Remix)
05. Diistortiion - Taken (Ghettface Remix)
06. Home Alone - The DJ (Beatsmack Remix)
07. Tactical Groove Orbit - The Sun (Original Mix)
08. AJ Myst - Age of Breaks (Original Mix)
09. IG88, Ribs - Pressure Therapy (Freeflow 45 Remix)
10. Beatman & Ludmilla - Leeroy Jenkins (Big Mistake Remix)
11. Sporty-O - Bad Girl (C-Tron Remix)
12. Krafty Kuts - Shake Them Hips
13. NAPT - F***K Critics (Original Mix)

1 hour 1 mins. 256kpbs. 115mbs

Download: http://www.darksymphony.net/plutoisreal.mp3
Cue: http://www.darksymphony.net/plutoisreal.cue

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