Issues logging into Premium but DS Audio works

DJ Nativus

Jun 10, 2018
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Hi there!

I had a few concerns about the premium membership I paid.

I have the username Kamilla and can no longer log into saying I don't have authorization. if I put in a different password it says the password is wrong so the password must be right.

If I use DS Audio on my iPhone, I can access it just fine, but the November folder is completely empty.

What's more is it seems many sets are 192 kbps. The premium promised up to 320 kbps. When I checked the Livesets sticky*updated* it states that you MUST upload 192 kbps for the show. Why not encourage DJs to provide 320 for the premium listeners?

I would also like to request a premium stream so we can stream 320... that is if the source files are 320. I'm confused by everything D:
Are you still having issues? Most sets ate 320k, however old days were 192k ...