Izzy Meusen & Beatsole - From Here To Chelyabinsk [Fraction]


May 18, 2011
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1. Original Mix

2. Yura Moonlight Remix

3. Frank Waanders Remix

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Izzy Meusen & Beatsole join forces for the latest Fraction Records sledgehammer, with an absolutely massive slice of peak-time action entitled ‘From Here To Chelyabinsk’!

The Original Mix is a sure fire crowd pleaser from beginning to end. Floor flexing kick drums and grooving percussive rhythms drive the floor instantly, whilst the rasping bass lines and subtle melodics charge the atmosphere perfectly. On the break, pressure is built to bursting point as the hook lines are delivered, resulting in maximum damage on the drop - do not miss!

On remix duties, Yura Moonlight is first up to deliver another trademark, big-room masterclass that flows with intensity and crowd-pleasing harmonic energy throughout, whilst Frank Waanders is on hand to inject the mix with his unique blend of super anthemic breakdowns and razor sharp synths to really raise the roof!

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