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Jaco - Excuses EP [Enhanced]


Nov 8, 2008
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RELEASE DATE : 21st February 2011
Cat Number : Enhanced082
Label : Enhanced Recordings

Jaco's Beautiful Days saw huge support from the likes of Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond, making his first Enhanced release one to remember. Now the talented Norwegian is back with a fantastic 3 track EP.

Kicking things off is the upbeat Excuses. A slick production that's full of energy and a clever breakdown that doesn't detract from the pace of the proceedings.

Never Again, very much like Beautiful Days has a absolutely gorgeous breakdown, whilst the track is carried by its huge sidechained bassline. Karma rounds off the EP and shows this is a 3 track outing of equal strengths. Beautiful pianos and soaring pads build the break to its climax with yet another well crafted main hook from Jaco.


1 : Jaco - Excuses (Original Mix)
2 : Jaco - Never Again (Original Mix)
3 : Jaco - Karma (Original Mix)

Enhanced : Enhanced082 : Jaco - Excuses EP
Karma is ok :grinning:

Never Again and Excuses are very generic.