Jaden Merrick - Split [Silent Shore Deep]

Uplifting Mist

May 9, 2011
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Jaden Merrick is definitely not a name we have to introduce a lot. His production speaks for himself with no doubt. We are proud to present you his first release with us called Split. An amazing club orientated single as it should be.

DJ/Radio Support: M.I.K.E., Suzy Solar (Killer pack, I love it!), The Flyers & Mike Sonar, Manuel Le Saux, Airbase, ReOrder, Paul Trainer, Ben Alonzi, Johan Ekman and more.

strong Original Mix surely fits in any club party or event where they serve house, trance or progressive music. Jaden creates just the right atmosphere to make people come on the dance floor and shake their bums to the maximum. Split goes really smooth since the beginning and it is truly a dance floor filler.

Remixes are brought to you by Sayphonik giving you his really alternative slightly dup-step like remix and Flexrev who comes with alternative, chilly remix.

We believe you will enjoy this release.

BUY NOW ON: www.beatport.com
Worldwide Release Date: 23/05/2011


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Jaden Merrick - Split (Sayphonik Remix) is incredible! Really creative stuff!

Me likes :icecream:
both but Sayphonik Remix :wow::megacrazy: