jolle_iff - After hours FM October 2007 promo mix


Jul 23, 2007
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hi all here is my promo mix for October. let me know what you think:loveah:

01 Sied Van Riel - Sigh (Leon Bolier Remix)
02 Emotional Horizons - Autumn (Andy Bagguley Remix)
03 Greg Downey - The Instigator
04 Alex M.O.R.P.H. Vs. Misja Helsloot - L-One (Misjas Dying Robo Mix)
05 Plastic Angel - Try Walking In My World (Daniel Kandi Rising Mix)
06 Airscape - L'Esperanza (Tatana & Sean Tyas)
07 Deems - Tears Of Hope (Greg Downey Remix)
08 G.Emery & M.Dedross pres. Wirefly - The Verdict (Octagen's revision)
09 Graham Gold - Moving On (Manuel Le Saux Mix)
10 Solar Factor - The Silver Lining (Original)
11 Thomas Datt - Distance (Digital Nature Mix)
12 Michael Dow - Sector 7 (Krzysztof Chochlow Remix)
13 Mr Pit - Lost Control (Eddie Sender Remix)
14 Brisky - Heaven's Tears (G&M Project Remix)
15 Steve Allen And Ben Alonzi - Kraftmatik (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
16 Vangelis - Rachel's Song (DJ Eco remix)
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I must admit the only thing that originally put me off was your 'name' ...don't ask me why, it just didn't appeal . Thankfuly I grabbed your set . It has some pounding beats resonnating from quality tunes with slick transitions . Loved it ...and will be sharing it with my like-minded mates. Nice work.

ps The "Sigh" track is an attention grabber, great choice for an opener.
Never heard it before, as with most of them. Classy, big man !
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