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Jorda presents Rising Energy 005


May 6, 2006
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Jorda presents Rising Energy 005

Welcome to a new episode of my weekly radio show Rising Energy​


**Will be posted after the show. I will be posting the the tracklist in
realtime here.

01. Arksun - Arisen
02. Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (ATB Remix)
03. Sunny Lax - M.I.R.A. (Original Mix)
04. Graham Gold - Culebra (Original Mix)
05. Orjan - Prison Break
06. Re:Locate Ft. Jonas Steur - Sobre Saliente
07. Jonas Steur - Second Turn
08. Global Experience - Zanzibar

I hope that you will enjoy a new episode of Rising Energy.
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yeah, here we go... get the **** in here and update that tracklist... the opening song is wiiiiiiiiced!!! :D

02. Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (ATB Remix???) [Anjunabeats]
i've lost the counting, but this is Orjan - Prison Break
Nice TL... I couldn't do the tl, because I had to do the tracklist of KvA's set @ United in Trance last night (A)
awsome set buddy, glad i caught it :)

PS. u know u want to hook me up with taht Graham Gold tune lol
I think Im listeing to the replay of it. It's aweseome.

Hey Jorda, do you have MSN?