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Journeys Through Trance #260 11.04.10 By Phil Langham


Feb 20, 2010
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Tracklist :
01 NITROUS OXIDE ft ANYEM follow you
02 URBAN ASTRONAUGHTS ft KIRSTY THIRSK black flower (josh gabriel)
03 PHYNN ft ANTONIA hello love
04 BEAT SERVICE ft EMMA LOCK hiding to nothing
05 ENTON MUSHI ft KERRI BROWN moonlight (dave emanuel)
06 DANIEL KANDI everything counts (lavkastor)
07 MATT CERF ft JAREN with me (alex lamb)
08 LUMINARY my world (tasadi & cressida)
09 JOHN ASKEW homesick (re-order)
10 RONNIE PLAY intensify (bartlett bros)
11 CIARAN McAULEY ft OONAGH forgotten (club mix)
12 MOSAHAR numinous
13 FLAVIO GRIFO say me (fabio stein)
14 ZAA 5 minutes of love
15 CIRO VISIONE immenso (luca lombardi)
16 ROBERT BURIAN recovery
17 TURBO WEEKEND trouble is (tiesto)
18 ALEX MORPH ft ROBERTA HARRISON photograph (estiva)
19 DJ NELL & BEDA ft ANTHYA dance with me (soulcry)

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DL JTT259 Here

Tracklist :
01 LUNAR MOTION destination
03 MATT CERF & ERIC MEZA ft JAREN with me (passive progressive)
04 J NITTI ft PLAVKA surrender
05 MR PHILIPS seventh day 2010
06 SYSTEM F cry (robert kiraly)
07 MOONBEAM ft DANIEL MIMRA look around (artego)
08 AIR T azure coast (ivan litus)
09 ROB BURIAN ft MIRO ZBIRKA 22 dni (club mix)
10 FRED BAKER saona (andy duguid)
11 DJ SHOG ft SIMON BINKENBORN finally found (martin roth)
12 RICK SNEL ft JUDITH JOSBE remember (muse artic)
13 MAX GRAHAM ft NEEV KENNEDY winter of love
14 YURI KANE right back
15 MOONPAX & SNATT winter of love
16 SPARK 7 fatemorgana (oceanic)
17 OU EST SWIMMING POOL these new knights
18 BRAVE the healer (mohamed ragab)


DL JTT258 Here

Tracklist :
01 ENTON MUSHI ft KERRI BROWN moonlight (alex robert)
02 ROB BURIAN seven days (main room mix)
03 MANDALA BOTHERS was it the sunlight
04 MATT CERF ft JAREN with me (lexwood)
05 SHAUN ANSARI luxuria (suncatcher)
06 MAX ANGEL remember tomorrow (claudia cazacu)
07 SUN DECADE ft EMME HEWITT lasting light (jorn van deynhoven)
08 SAVANNAH darling harbour
09 GEORGE ACOSTA ft FISHER tearing me apart (dns project)
10 NOVALINE ft LISA ROSE runaway
11 NERY red dawn
12 TRITONAL ft SOTO one more day (abbott & chambers)
13 ENERGY & REMINDER access denied (sonic element)
14 JAN OOSTDYK heidi
15 VAST VISION a sunny morning
16 TOM COLOTONIO the one
17 SOUNDLIFT nakthi


DL JTT257 Here

Tracklist :
01 HYDROFORM shine (rico soarez)
02 IVERSON emotion wave (z synthesis)
03 SYSTEM F cry (ian round)
04 SCHILLER ft NADI ALI try (gruenwald)
05 NASH & PEPPER ft ROUGE RAVEN am i wrong (mike foyle)
06 SPARK 7 fatamorgana
07 DJ OBSERVER cowabunga
08 AIR T azure coast
09 VELEVETINE safe wherever you are
10 ROBERT BURIAN ft MIRO ZBIRKA seven days (club mix)
11 MAX GRAHAM ft NEEV KENNEDY sun in the winter (estiva)
14 BRAVE the healer
15 REVERSE absolute reality (arty)
16 MADELIN ZERO & KOSTYA VETER not even (white stars)
17 SEPHEN WILEY ft KRISTIAN GRUNDMANE not over yet (eric j)
18 GEORGE ACOSTA ft TIFF LACEY i know (aerofoils rank 1 tribute mix)

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