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JPL - We're On The Moon [Moody Moon]


Sep 12, 2008
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JPL and Moody Moon Recordings (Flashover) are putting a finish to the year 2009 with this release. Joni ‘JPL’ Ljungqvist has had an amazing year with top tracks such as Summer Skin, Lighthouses & Shorelines, Forgetting What You Were and a collaboration with Carl B named Orchid Blossom. Joni has been releasing quality trance music (and related edm) since 2005 and he just doesn’t seem to stop doing that.

We’re On The Moon
Despite the easy 128 beats per minute, this tracks spurs some good energy from bar 1; clever percussion, a white-noise-like riser and a melody that slowly arises. When the bass sets in, the mood has been set, and it really does smell like a good dancefloor destroyer in the same energetic style as “Lighthouses & Shorelines” but perhaps, with a bit more focus on the melody. The break consists of some radio-talk-babbling which is hard to interpret, but I guess this is one of the fundamental ideas in the track. Great rolling and uplifting melodies. This is a “down-beat” tune, but nonetheless, very energetic and might be great for adding some extra energy to a progressive dj set. This is without a doubt the finest release so far on the Moody Moon label. Top stuff from Joni once again!

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JPL 'Christmas Greeting':
YouTube - JPL Music Videolog 005