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Jurgen Vries feat. Desi Valentine - Alive [Mondo Records] Out Now!


Feb 14, 2011
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1. Original Mix

2. Club Mix

3. 8 Ball Remix

4. 8 Ball Instrumental Mix

Darren Tate under his multi hit making Jurgen Vries alias opens his 2014 account in style with the behemoth ‘Alive’. Already famed for hits such as "The Theme", "The Opera Song", "Wilderness" and "Take My Hand" the Jurgen Vries moniker has been synonymous with massive inventive club cuts and "Alive" is no exception.

With its unique and crisp fusion of genres that's sure to deliver a genuine invasion of your senses this is classic Jurgen Vries with production wizardry and diverse craftsmanship. Whilst keeping things super cool, 'Alive' features a huge vocal hook, quirky leads and stomping grooves that are bound to please the masses.

If that wasn’t enough, we have a barrage of remixes ready and armed for all your club eventualities. The club mix returns to earth and fires up the energy taking the track in a new direction with its cool cut progressive house grooves, followed up by a deep and dirty alternative from 8 Ball.

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