Just To Ask......


Oct 11, 2007
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For the time that I have been here, I have seen some of you post pics with Trance Djs/producers and all at their performances in clubs or whatever.

Has anyone ever met a DJ/promoter/producer that, well, was just not a "good person?" Like, for example, if you went up to them and asked him/her to take a pic with you or whatever they acted like snobs?

Have at it.

They all say menno is arrogance. He's okay to me though.
the "Trance Goodness"

from what i can tell (& feel), anyone who listens to trance & truly loves trance is "good people". for me, the music is euphoric, uplifting, positive, loving, motivating, youthful, & energetic. such that for me, those qualities are embodied by the listener. let us revel in the Goodness of Trance!
I haven't met any DJ's personally, but I'm sure there are some bad eggs out there, just as there are good people. :|
errr, i have meet some local djs here.

i can tell you they aren't the most good people in the world. their ego had grow pretty much and they believe they are the top of the world. i not gonna say names sorry.

i am sure there are cool djs out there and some others not cool ones. artists gets corrupted by their ego if they are weak.

i always said, people is people. they can be nice, weird, or bad. i can deal with the two first ones.