Justin Oh feat. Abby Rae - We Own The Night (incl. Luiz B remix) [Silk Digital]


Aug 7, 2006
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Korean sensation Justin Oh has been a ubiquitous force across our label collective this past year, with exceptional original tracks and remixes on 3 of our 5 divisions: Silk Digital, Silk Royal, & Arrival. The highlight was undoubtedly his debut artist album "The Time Traveller" [Arrival], which rose to the top of both the Progressive House and Trance release charts on Beatport. One of the standout tracks from this album is "We Own The Night", which we proudly present here as a full single.

Reviving the decadent, synth-laden sound of the 80's, "We Own The Night" (Original Mix) is a euphoric summer anthem, with a hint of melancholy. It centers on a poignant vocal motif (performed by Abby Rae), as retro chords and bass provide a firm melodic and rhythmic foundation. Abby's titular hook offers a nostalgic glimpse back at the late-disco-era anthems that used to rule the dancefloor. On remix detail, trusty Brazilian veteran Luiz B has crafted another sparkling peak-hour gem. His take offers a Deadmau5-influenced bassline progression, which packs a bit more club-friendly punch.

Cat#: SILK070
Beatport release date: August 13th, 2013
iTunes release date: August 27th, 2013
Genre: progressive house
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Justin Oh feat. Abby Rae - We Own The Night (Extended Mix)
02 Justin Oh feat. Abby Rae - We Own The Night (Luiz B Remix)
03 Justin Oh feat. Abby Rae - We Own The Night (Radio Edit)

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