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04. Antillas & Vitodito Feat. Fiora - Disconnected (Original Mix) [Trice Recordings]

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Real Name: Luca Moretti, Ricky Romanini

Aliases: Alive, Arctica, Motivo, Plaything, Triple X, Wisdome

Members: Luca Moretti, Ricky Romanini

Genres: House / Progressive / Trance
Profile: DJ and Producer Duo

Location: Milano, Lombardia, Italy

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danmark_ori, CICA9THC+, khiron, Aural Pleasures+, K DIZZLE, Tup3x
Hey guys i just registered here, thank you very much for your nice comments, really appreciate that ... and my name is not funny come on !!! :)

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Real Name: Vito de Santis

Aliases: Veeto, Vito de Santis

Location: Salento, Apulia, Italy

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

Armada Music
Armada Music
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Armada Music is the main label of (parent) label Armada Music B.V.

Sublabels: 68 Recordings, A State Of Trance, Armada Digital, Armada Various, Armind, Aropa Records, AVA Recordings, Bandung, Bits And Pieces, Captivating Sounds, Club Elite, Coldharbour Recordings, Cyber Records, Different Pieces, Electronic Elements, Energetic Sounds, Fame Recordings, FSOE Recordings, Gangsta Audio, Magic Island Records, Mainstage Music, Morrison Recordings, Organized Nature, Pilot6 Recordings, Planet Love Records, Plus 39 S.N.C., Re*Brand, S107 Recordings, Soundpiercing, State Recordings, Stoney Boy Music, Vandit Records, Zouk Recordings

Contact Info:
Armada Music BV
P.O. Box 75247
1070 AE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31-(0)20-408.08.46
Fax: +31-(0)20-617.22.49

Profile: Armada Music is an independent Dutch company founded in June 2003 by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron & David Lewis

The name "Armada" was formed by utilizing the first two letters in each of the founding members names:

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Did something a little bit "different" with this track... a bit in PVD's style if you get what I mean but you'll have to wait to find out what I mean...

07. Faruk Sabanci Feat. Jaren - Discover (Rafael Frost Remix) [Arisa Audio]

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Real Name: Jaren Cerf

Alias: Fenja (2)
In Groups: Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren

Genres: Country / Dance / Folk / Pop / Trance
Profile: Singer / Songwriter. Wife of Matt Cerf. Formerly known as Jaren Voight, sister of Josie Voight.

Current Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Home Town: Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming, USA

:: Faruk Sabanci feat. Jaren - Discover | Arisa Audio ::