Feb 27, 2011
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listen to these 2 trax and tell me if this is Klangstrahler, Sweat Attack, Feuerhake, etc. friend says it's Klangstrahler, can't find any of these songs, 11 total on the cd, on any mp3 download site and this is not one of klangstrahler's cd's unless it's really old. a version of "multidifferent" is on the cd. so listen up and tell me what you think... if you know where can I download this cd, doesn't have to be free, doesn't matter.... oh well couldn't upload the trax... anyway, someone out there might know what I'm talking about and the again maybe not )))

some of the lyrics on the disk are "the good the decent man" some uelogy to JFK or Bobby Kennedy, and then there's "billions of light years from our horizon, music is an instellar language from a highly insignificant planet, one of 9 in our system, which sails through time and space, till the next one, the next inevitable BIG BANG" ring a bell with anyone??? and then like I said there is "multidifferent" which is on a lot of Klangstrahler discs.
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