Kris van Drinken - Let there be the light (Extended mix)

Hey Kris!

I like your track, I think you done a good job of it. I've heard many different variations of the "Let there be light" samples and your one is quite original. Good work!

Check out, DJ Quicksilver - Clubfiles One (Equinoxe IV) (Clubmix), that's a good version too!

Take care!
Hi mate, try as I might I couldn't download or listen to this at that site mate, any chance you could upload it to one of the better ones like yousendit or sendspace? :smile1:

Yeap :)

Mirror is in first post ;)

Alright, before I begin my review, I'd like to warn you, I go pretty hard on songs, cause I want to hear some good music...

Ok, so, let's begin:

1) Starts off pretty hard...seeing as its only 5 minutes, maybe you could build up to the loudness..but doesnt matter that much

2) great melody, sounds awesome

3) like the vocals, and ensuing riff

4) could use a supersaw pad in the background around 2 minutes

5) I think the song is strongest at 3 minutes - 3:30

6) at some places such as 4:15, seems rather empty

Biggest good thing is that there's a catchy melody and some nice lead synths...almost hitting on tech