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Lange - Conspiracy [Create Music]


Apr 27, 2016
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Label head honcho Lange is back on Create following his no.1 Beatport Trancer 'Airpocalypse'. 'Conspiracy' as the name suggests is an even darker affair. Kicking off the action with deep chugging bass, tech-grooved percussions and stabs, this musical exploration soon leads to a short break introducing the main suspect; a rising-filter stab that builds until the vocal. Things calm down in the breakdown, but it's just a momentary lapse until the chord stabs are again in focus, rising from the ashes of a sustained pad and deep, warm sub note. Awash with reverb and snare, the trap is set for the conspiracy to be exposed. Just when you think you know the truth, the beats drop out and a squealing high end lead pitches in some further evidence and a final twist. Stay open minded and expect the unexpected...