laserface by Gareth Emery - T5, NYC - 18th Nov 2017


Aug 22, 2017
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Introducing laserface!

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Lasers and trance have always been the perfect marriage but they're often done a bit poorly at dance shows. So, for the last year we have been developing a show that's ALL ABOUT THE LASERS and we're debuting it at Terminal 5, New York on 18th November 2017.

We're going to put a record breaking amount of lasers in Terminal 5 and do things with them that you've never seen before. In short if you like lasers we are aiming to BLOW YOUR MIND with this show and concept.

See the concept trailer below.

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Win: 2 tickets to the debute of Laserface by Gareth Emery

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The debut laserface show in NYC is now SOLD OUT, however we are announcing further dates for a laserface tour very soon. Please check for details.

Official Afterparty at Lavo NewYork
There is an official afterparty for the New York laserface show on 18th November. This will be held at Lavo New York. See for details.