Last Promo before Showstart


Feb 29, 2008
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Okay my friends

This is he last Promo set until the Show starts. Im very happy with that set and hope you enjoy it as much as i do:grinning:

Download..right klick target as... August.mp3


1) Adam White – Chimera – Intro Mix
2) Armin van Buuren – Just another day – Dub Mix
3) Nu NRG – Free Fall – Original Mix
4) Inertia – The System – Sean Tyas & Tom Colontino Remix
5) Nu NRG – Kosmosy – Octagen Remix
6) Ehren Stowers – Ikarus – Arctic Moon Remix
7) Digital Nature – Landmarks – Activa Remix
8) Der Mystik – Rockin your World – Steve Allen Remix
9) Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi – Slipped Away – The Eldritch Projekt Remix
10) Captured Sun – Inherent Condition – Original Mix
11) Defcon Audio – Trailblazer – Phil Metcalfe Remix
12) Sophie Sugar – Redemption – Original Mix
13) Gouryalla – Ligaya – Hiver & Hammer Remix
14) Akira Kayosa – Collective Hysteria – Temple One Remix
15) Abstract Vision – Breathe – Dmitry Bessonov Remix
16) Stoneface & Terminal – Super Nature – Ottaviani Remix
17) Akesson – Perfect Blue – Solar Movement Banging Remix
18) Anquilla Projekt – Adrift in Space – Original Mix
19) Infinityloop – Dreams may come – Original Mix


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good job, really enjoyed it :) :mml:
Hey man - just downloaded now!! Thanks for the support mate! :) :grinning:
Hey JayCan,
Just downloaded....will listen to it later....thnks anyway!!!!!!!
Just listened to it in my ALFA ROMEO!!!!AMAZING!!!!!!MY STYLE!!!!!!!VERY POWERFUL AND DYNAMIC!!!!!THANKS!!
Thank you all for that great support :bow::bow:
hello jaycan, i am downloading. let me listen to it this night :music:

cheers :hug:
A cracker of a set . Dynamic , uplifting tracks , sweetly put together. Much appreciated.:bounce:
Had a listen to this the other day...great track selection and nice feel. Good work.
i have heard your set bro.

Very nice job. :grinning:

a good trance set. thnx jaycan this will be rolling in my playlist for a while. :hug: