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Jul 19, 2008
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I am not sure if there is already a thread about movies - if there is please the mods delete this one.

You can post here the latest movie you saw either it was in DVD either Cinema so people can reviews and have new ideas what movie to saw next!:wink:

i saw today a German movie called '' Die Welle''

this is the trailer :

and this is the story :

quite socking movie!I was so supriced that this is actually happend in US and not in Germany since the action and the whole subject its like it was writen down for Germany and his history..
Transporter 3 (2008) - 8/10 Good movie but they could of picked a decent looking girl, lol...
:lol:Step Brothers 10/10 fourth time watching it this week
Gran Torino 9/10
Clint Eastwood's new film. I was crying at the end. Really enjoyed it.

Lakeview Terrace 7/10
Samuel L Jackson plays a cop in LA, when new neighbours move in to the street things start getting a little stressy for him.
Quantum of Solace: I give it a solid "meh". Wasn't as good as Casino Royale.

Australia: Unless you are Australian, I don't think you'll get this movie. Which is a reason I think its failed in the box office overseas.

Sex Drive: This was an LOL a minute. The funniest movie I've seen since American Pie or There's Something About Mary
Madagascar 2...

Liked it...less funny than the first, but when it comes to technics and animation in itself, it´s unbeatable...
Saving Private Ryan in HD.

The beach landing is even more impressive and shocking that way, highly recommended.
Hell boy II: the golden army--i find it pretty cool but the story was developed a little fast IMO

Max payne: i get caught since i have played the game:mml:
Impossible mission 3 - old one already but still good to watch
It was "Playing by heart"
Awesome movie (comedy- drama film) and very good stuff: Angelina Jolie, Ryan Phillippe, Sean Connery, Gillian Anderson, Dennis Quaid and more

The film tells about love: mother to dying of AIDS son, but also is offering sentimental story based on the many faces of love like between two young people who meet in a nightclub. By the end of the picture, everyone has learned a valuable lesson: never give up on love.
damn you and your hell boy :mask:
what did you say?:mask:
Step Brothers i have seen it 3 times already and it is hilarious!!! my fav part is when one of the brothers rubs his "junk" all over the other brothers drum set!!!! :lol: tooo funny!!!
i made the mistake to watch Changeling 2008 last night...

i am so disapoint from it to be honest