Lazarus - Let It All Go (June Demo Mix)

Jul 11, 2006
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Here's my latest offering, hope you like :banana:

Magdelayna - Tabatha's Wish
Sunquest featuring Josie - A Little Bit Special (Sundriver remix) [Infrasonic]
Underwater - Creamy Marshmallow [Crystal Source]
Airbase featuring Floria Ambra - Interfere (vocal mix) [Intution]
Sasha Virus featuring Dilara - 2Gether We Are (Sindre Eide remix) [Enhanced]
Jason van Wyk and Vast Vision featuring Joanna - Oceanblue (intro mix) [Alter Ego]
Avenger - Pegasus (Sunny Lax remix) [Red Force]
Beat Service vs Solex - Nothing Less (original intro mix) [Real Music]
John O'Callaghan featuring Jaren vs Elevation & Einar K - Surreal Biscayne (Dewesh mashup)
Cesar Lugo - Closer To You [Monster]
Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday 2009 (James Alexander and the Defcon Allstars edition)
Roger Shah presents Savannah - Body Lotion (Jorn van Deynhoven remix) [Magic Island]
Adyjay - Love On The Beach (Hoyaa remix) [Pro-Motion]
Seventh Heaven - Dolphins (Stoneface & Terminal remix) [Red Force]
Ingscha - Niavara (Manuel le Saux remix) [Morrison]
Discodyne - Deep Impact (Ferrin & Low remix) [Fenology]
Steve Bengaln & John Vanger - Poizone (Sky Motion remix) [Colorful]
Ice Upon Fire - The Next Level (Oen Bearen Teardrop remix) [Actuate]
Jamala - Eris (Airborne Angel remix) [Lavare]
Avernus - Tears Of A Saint (Arctic Moon remix) [Diverted]
Olli Letkiss & Hyydro - Paris 50 (Kaltflut's Reflected Vibes remix) [Elliptical]
Tiddey - Taylla (Paul Miller remix) [Discover]
SQ - Techno Sex (Future Disciple remix) [Dataless]
Nolita - Lonesome Road (extended version) [7th Sense]
Dima Krasnik - Rise (Space Garden 'All The Way' edit)
Andy Blueman - Neverland (Energetic mix) [Perceptive]
Ace's Delight - Sunrise [Venom]

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Enjoy :music:
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That tracklist is wild :bully:
I definitely have a listen to it :friends: