Lazarus - November Demo mix 2010

Jul 11, 2006
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Not done one of these for four months which isn't like me, so I'm going to do two in a short space of time, of which this is the first :music:

The Rebirth Session Episode 194 (19th November 2010) – “One From Many”

Chicane – Offshore (Defcon Audio’s Love For Zopiclone edition)
Oliver Smith – Chordplay (Duderstadt progressive mix) [Anjunabeats]
Defcon Audio featuring Julie Harrington – Lost In You (Darzh Liebek remix) [Defcon]
Michael Badal – Exile [Lange]
Founder Of Sound – Flowers On Mars (ProgressiveR remix) [Perceptive Deep]
I-Vision & Gilbert AM – Believe It [Perceptive Deep]
Crimson – Sky (Craving remix) [Mondo]
Alphadelta – Outback (Balearic progressive mix)
Lewis Dodkins – Solstice [Mondo]
Jason van Wyk – September Rain [In Trance We Trust]
Simon O’Shine – Anya (Emotional mix) [Defcon]
Tritonal featuring Cristina Soto – Hands To Hold Me (Temple One remix) [Air Up There]
ReOrder featuring Stine Grove – Biscay Bay (Ferry Tayle’s Neverending Story mix) [Perceptive]
Massive Attack featuring Elisabeth Fraser vs Waterspark – Teardrop (Ben Double M acapella mashup)
Easton – Adriatica (original Anthem mix) [Shah Digital]
Jamie Walker – The Next Chapter [Defcon]
Jaden Merrick – Fixate [Defcon]
Kenan Teke – We Will Not Forget You (Uplifting remix of LOST Theme)
ReOrder & Dave Deen – Rain (Kaimo K remix) [Silent Shore]
John Waver – Hyperion (Energetic mix) [Defcon]
Ronny K. presents Advanced – Aurora (Guitar mix) [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Break The Rules [Defcon]
DenSity FuZion – Water Drop (Mike Jawlera’s Dirty Water remix) [Defcon]
TrancEye – Suffering (Deep In My Heart) [Defcon]
John Dopping – Lemon [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – No Limit [Defcon]
Ronny K. presents Advanced – Nightlife In Tokyo [Defcon]
Musikman – The Day After Tomorrow (intro mix) [Metropolis]

Lazarus - November Demo 2010

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Enjoy :banana:
Looks tasty :lollypop:
As I said, two in a short space of time.... :music:

The Rebirth Session Episode 195 (23rd November 2010) – “Something From Nothing”

TBC & N&R Project – Flying Bird ((Magdelayna’s ‘Final Flight’ Chilldown mix) [Defcon]
Future Disciple featuring Hayley Parsons – Dreamsweeper [Dataless]
Pamuya – Lucid State [Alter Ego Progressive]
Slim Colt – Fly Above The Stars (Rizen remix) [Unearthed Subliminal]
Petr Lesko featuring Essence – My Everything (Audien remix) [Alter Ego]
Espen Lorentzen – Bookface [Silent Shore]
Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic – Time [Echelon]
Lewis Dodkins – Reflex [Mondo]
Jon O’Bir – Out Of Touch [Garuda]
Smith & Pledger featuring Carrie Skipper vs Dinka – Civilization Forever (Ben Double M acapella mashup)
Ronny K. vs Ziki – Memories (Alphadelta remix) [Defcon]
Sequentia – Don’t Surrender [Afterglow]
Dave Horne – For So Long (Ilya Soloviev Sunset remix) [Alter Ego Pure]
Estigma – A Thousand Suns [Silent Shore]
Haris C – Feelings [Factual]
Ronny K. presents Advanced – Salvation [Defcon]
Tuomas J – Life Goes On (2010 rework) [Defcon]
Poshout featuring Sergey Vegas – Afterglow (Oliver P presents Stonevalley remix) [Enhanced]
Josh Ferrin – Apollo [Transistic]
Jaden Merrick – The Search [Defcon]
Running Man – Solace (Manuel le Saux remix) [Alter Ego]
Jamie Walker & James Alexander – Timeless [Defcon]
Oen Bearen – Panamera (Mike Jawlera Tech remix) [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Mind Games [Defcon]
Defcon Audio – Theme From Defcon (Sulaco remix) [Defcon]
TrancEye – Unloved (Emotional mix) [Defcon]
TBC & N&R Project – Flying Bird [Defcon]
Med & Phil Metcalfe – January (Jaden Merrick remix) [Defcon]
Cern – The Message (Northern mix) [ASOT]

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If I find some time, I will check it out, Laz. :good2:
Already listened the first one, absolutely great :bravo:
Add to my collections of super sets, thank you LAZARUS.
Massive journey of Trance, Real Trance.