LeeJ Pres. - Tranceality 065 on AH.FM 11-02-2024


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Jul 27, 2007
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name artist ●
Ouverture (Extended) Elevation, Paul van Dyk, Saad Ayub
Way Out (Extended Mix) Chapter XJ
Remember (Extended Mix) Revolution 9
Powerful Vibrations (Extended Mix) Victor Special
Let Yourself Be Loved (Extended Mix) Susie Ledge, Oskah
Jumeirah (Extended ASOT Version) Poshout
Reflection (Extended Mix) Peter Miethig
Ab Aeterno (Extended Mix) Rene Ablaze, Roger Shah
Jivan (Extended Mix) First Effect, Harshil Kamdar
Concentr8 (Extended Mix) Nathaniel Sim, Neil Rowe
Breakthrough (Extended Mix) Meraj Deylami
Be In Love (Ryan K Extended Remix) Natalie Gioia, Dan Thompson
Collider (Extended Mix) Fabio Solazzo, Fabio Franco, Db Mokk
Escape From Dreams (Extended Mix) Life Explorer [CN]
Break Free (Extended Mix) Iant, Flund
Tremble (Extended Mix) DJ T.H., TEKNO
Absolution (Extended Mix) DJ T.H., Tara Louise, Mike Zaloxx
Heaven Voices (Extended Mix) Andy Judge
Why So Serious (Extended Mix) Roman Messer, Diandra Faye
Rebel Anthem (Original Mix) Obie Fernandez
Let It All Come Down (Allen Watts Extended Remix) JES
The One (Extended Mix) Solarstone, Stine Grove
Bentula (Extended Mix) Djoy, Sergey Salekhov, Andrew Mirt
Breathe Again (Extended Mix) Craig Connelly, Cari
Take Me Home (Extended Mix) C-Systems, Aina
Frozen (Original Mix) Haotic Visions
When we collide (Extended Mix) Andy Newtz
Life is an Odyssey (Extended Mix) Andy Elliass, ARCZI
Waiting for the magical british sounding voice: 'elo guys and welcome ... to the 65th episode of Tranceality with LeeJ 😄
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As the year turns, welcome in the new by remembering the future as Revolution 9 makes his triumphant return to Ascent with the incredible Remember! This tale is an instant classic, combining the best elements of old school melodics with pristine and beautiful sound design and energy. Lush and beautiful, effervescent and moving, detailed and satisfying, Remember is a journey through the skies and the oceans as we come back to exactly what made us fall in love with trance in the first place.