LEXWOOD feat. Ferrin & Low - Chimaera


Aug 21, 2006
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As CHIMAERA is out now on Beatport, Audiojelly and some other digital musicstores of your choice, it'd be great to see if you like this track (Original Mix + Dan Stone Remix)


It was nice to see the great comments about the other upcoming Ferrin & Low release Atlanta/Westworld. So, what do you think of CHIMAERA then?

Have a nice weekend!
i think its a great tune, bit more mellow than atlanta etc, but nothing wrong with that, you gotta take the hard with the soft in a sense, i prefer the the original mix, so thats the one i have purchased!

it's a wonderful track, gives me goosebumps all the time i hear it, and the breakdown is fantastic:choonalert:
now that i have played it a few times i just cant get enough of the buildup then BANG!
Alex Morph is a legend... and Chimaera is yet another track that shows how brilliant Alex is! (with Woody of course)
Chimaera is definitely at the moment my favorite production of Alex :super: the buildup and the breakdown take me away to Trance Heaven! :super:
agree, one of my fav. tracks at the moment :grinning:
I've just checked Dan Stone remix... not catchy at all for me.

No words .So beautiful track :choon:
At first I just skimmed through that track and it was so so but then I actually sat down to listen to it and it was AMAZING. To take it a step further I dropped this track at a party and the crowd loved it!