Lockstone - The Glorious Visions Trance Mix 180 on AH.FM 17-07-2017

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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01. Andromedha - Through The Desert (Original Mix) [JOOF Aura]
02. Matthew Peterson, Spinner - Abstrakt (Original Mix) [Saturate Audio]
03. Anlaya Project - Maui (Original Mix) [Progressive House Worldwide]
04. Arctic Jet - Destruction Of Love (Original Mix) [Blue Star]
05. KeyWork - Route 41 (Keisuke Kimura Remix) [Pineapple Digital]
06. Flashtech - Closer (Original Mix) [Silk Music]
07. Udo Chetty - Palmyra (Original Mix) [D-Max Recordings]
08. Airwave - City Of The Iris (Original Mix) [Bonzai Progressive]
09. 2nd Phase, Allan Morrow - FOAB (Original Mix) [Grotesque Fusion]
10. Sied van Riel - Rush (Sied van Riel Rielism Remix) [Rielism]
11. 4 Strings - Beneath The Stars (Original Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)]
12. Amine Maxwell - Far Away (Original Mix) [Molekular Sounds (RazNitzanMusic)]
13. Steve Dekay - Zoara (Original Mix) [Rielism]
14. Solarstone vs. Scott Bond - 3rd Earth (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker REBOOTED Extended Mix) [WAO138!?]
15. Kenan Teke - Deadlock (Original Mix) [SMIND Music]
16. Allen Watts & Alessandra Roncone - The Hymn (Darren Porter Extended Remix) [WAO138!?]
17. Beatsole - Serenity Of Thunder (Extended Mix) [Magic Trance]
18. Ton TB - Electronic Malfunction (Nick Callaghan Remix) [Outburst Records]
19. Nick Callaghan - Fandango (Paul Denton Remix) [Afterdark]
20. Will Atkinson - Afterthought (Original Mix) [Night Vision (Spinnin)]
21. Chris Metcalfe - Transient Garden (Original Mix) [Subculture]
22. ID - ID
23. Pierre Pienaar - Higher State (Extended Mix) [VANDIT Records]
24. The Avains - VV (Kiyoi & Eky Remix) [TFB Records]
25. Chris North - Brighter Days (Extended Mix) [VANDIT Records]

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MP3 file + tracklist: uploaded :cap: all ready for broadcast

Edit Thread Title: √ done by me

tracklist: TXT format :good:
<3 C!C@
Ready for 2 Hours of Prog running through to some tougher sounds in the second hour :) Hoping you guys enjoy tonights Journey!!!
hi mate :wave:

on vacation atm so i should stay for the whole set even i'm a bit sleepy :)
last month had morningshift so i had to escape earlier :P

almost time :music:
Yes Just waiting for Marcus to Finish ;)

hopefully you can stay awake for the first hour. The second hour should keep you up ok :D
Evening Troy mate!!!!! Seems Markus is over running a bit :D
Er............Pretty sure this is supposed to be me now but The previous show seems to be over running?
Seriously...Spend all week on social media plugging the show and promoting the times and then this happens.....Simply NOT good enough
yeah, but its not only the faul of the previous dj, markus always uploading exact 2hours set, there had to be earlier djs mixed longer sets :P
I'm out of here!!!

I'll be back when things are organised. I'm off to Twitter. LOL