Looking for a few IDs


Apr 25, 2008
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Looking to try and ID some tracks from Amadeus re-loaded 004, which I think was back on March 15th.

A song thats been bugging me, especially since I keep hearing it.

Nothing was right
what could I say
nothing was lost when you said ok
everything seen everything done
everything taken, taken and won

Broken windows falling apart, distant cities stop and start
you got me through some lonely nights
lost myself but you always kept your mind
thats how I know that
You're never gonna lose your own way, your own way.

And last but not least,

You have been working all the day
You're coming home...
Its the favorite tune that you play
You forgot your friends drive to the club
Hoping that this feeling never ends.

Feel the rythem in your head, let it...
Forgot whats on your mind, the rythem lets you shake
Be released and let it all behind

Thanks in advance :]
try and find the play list. maybe you can find the title , through the play list....
Here's the playlist for the show mate :grinning: Hopefully you'll find everything you need in here :ah:

01. Infrawave – Chinese dream [Akustika Records]
02. Andrelli & Blue feat. Hila – Imagine (Original mix) [Infrasonic
03. High noon at Salinas – Celebration [Magic Island Records]
04. Ernesto vs Bastian – Dive in your love [High Contrast Recordings]
05. First State ft Elliot Johns - Your own way (First State’s pounding
Club mix) [In trance we trust]
06. Marksun & Brian – Saturday (Vocal mix) [Euphonic]
07. Bolier & Van Riel – Malibeer (Original mix) [Liquid]
08. Cressida vs Store n forward – Honeymoon at 6 am (Optimus prome mashup)
09. Elision – Sonic way (Ersa remix) [Cellection music]
10. Alivestone – Take the moonlight [Camouflage Belgium]
11. Lexwood feat Ferrin & Low – Chimaera (Original mix) [Inspird Records]
12. David Newsum – From Dubai with love (Sand Dune remix) [Discover 36]
13. Hensha – The curtain (Peter Dafnous remix) [Conspiracy Recordings]
14. Andre Visior & Kay Stone – Something for your mind (Original mix)
15. Greg Dawny – Alpha (Original mix) [Vandit Digital]Re-Loaded's Record
Of The Month
16. Dereck Recay – Hydrolook (Origianl mix) [Communicate Recordings]
18. Armin Van Buuren – If you should go (Aly & Fila dub mix) [Armind]
17. Activa – Remember (Club mix) [Vandit Records]
19. Nish – Blue Sunshine (Sean Tyas remix) [Tetsuo Recordings]
20. Marc Dawn – Random Walk (Nu NRG remix)Re-Loaded's Classic Tune Of The


Sounds like your ID is track 5 :music: