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Aug 8, 2006
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Any experienced dj?? ..
Im sure someone will be able to give you tips :)
:welcome: to the forums mate
You should probably pick up a keyboard with FL Studio Demo, and mess around for a little while. When you get expirenced, get full version of FL.

As for djing, I'm about to buy for the first time, so I can't help ya there.

yes i would definatly recommend starting with FruityLoops, very simple to learn and the best part is you dont need a midi controller to get started, you can just use the program.

As for djing, it all depends on the kind of money your willing to spend. Pioneer cdj200's are pretty reliable for starting, assuming ur going to use cd's. If youve got a little extra to spend, maybe get the cdj800mk2's. My buddy just got a pair of them and they are awsome, really easy to learn on as well. As for a mixer, dont be fooled into buying a four channel mixer until your serious about playing out, you dont need it. I dont really know my way around two channel mixers, but sticking with Pioneer is always a good bet. I did see someone mention the Behringer VMX300 3-channel mixer. I dont know what its like quality wise, but if price is a major issue, you cant beat $130US for a 3channel mixer
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