Love Parade


Dec 26, 2007
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This may sound stupid, but what happens during this event?

is it basically a club on wheels concept? and you get to walk and dance along with the trucks?
It's like a BIG dance parade including ALOT of great dj's playing music on slowely driving cars :) I always wanted to go there for once, will happen some time.
When is the Love Parade usually on? And where is it? Berlin?
Never been to the big one in Europe but I was at the one that they had in Leeds over here years ago. It was awesome but I can also fully understand why they've not had another since :lol:

little more explanation needed :p

i wonder why...:hmmm:
little more explanation needed :p

i wonder why...:hmmm:
Well I think they were expecting about 50,000 people but I'm sure it was something like 250,000 in the end, 30,000 or so of whom wound up stuck in Leeds afterwards unable to get home, residents all complained about the noise, the litter, and the thousands of people everywhere, the police were completely unprepared for the scale of it all.

And thanks to the new fantastic "health and safety" laws we have here these days now you can barely go for a shit without going on a 4-day training course and filling 50 pages of forms in, so after the Leeds debacle, no other city's ever quite dared to hold another event since!

Was awesome though. Amongst other things that day I fell into an MTV camera crew and knocked them all over :lol:
I was 4 times a street parade to zurich.
this year 9 of august,
and after the big event ENERGY in the HALLENSTADION Arena

Sven Väth (D)
David Guetta (F)
Paul van Dyk (D)
Randy (ITA)
Steve Porter (USA)
Giuseppe Ottaviani (I) live
Mind-X & Snowman
Rotterdam Terror Corps (NL) live
Neophyte (NL) live
The Stunned Guys (I)
Headbanger (NL)
The Raptist (NL)
The Beholder (NL)
Bobby V (NL)
Activator (I)
Zatox (I)
Davide Sonar (I)
Sam Punk (D)
MC Da Syndrome (NL)
DJ Dream
Lady Tom

excuse me for my English.