Luminary waves goodbye...


Feb 5, 2007
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Arksun said:
Luminary waves goodbye...

On behalf of myself and Ashley, I would like to thank everybody for the incredible support and love you have given us through our short little musical path under the artist name 'Luminary'

Thank you soo much. a little way of saying thank you and waving goodbye, I have put up one last Luminary track on the myspace player.

A track called 'Believe' , which for me personally is the best track we ever created. Yours to listen to in the player in full.


Laurence. x
:cry: :cry: :cry:
If it's such a good track, release it !...myspace sound is bad quality anyways

I loved Luminary, too bad its over
Why did they dissolve?
Damn ...Thats so not cool...I Love LUMINARY:(
Arksun disease?

The n00bz3rs in the anjunabeats forums seem to say that it's because they've both moved on to focus on their own projects (Arksun artist album, and Ashley singing for pvd n others)
I love Luminary too :|

Amsterdam (Smiith and Pledger remix) is my all time favorite :wub:

EXACTLY!!!Grrrrrrrrrr Bee is very upset with these news...
really sad story, i read the blog.. lots of things he said that are true, we all need to look after ourselves and our bodies...

god bless arksun
sry to hear that, Amsterdam was a superb track... I still listen to it as often as I can, gives me such a confused but calm feeling...
Read about that on a couple of weeks ago...

Can't say I'm saddened, because I've never been a fan of them neither of such kind of music (too "soft" for me), however I wouldn't wish them to dissolve. They produced an okay music.