M-audio Q40 vs Pioneer HDJ-1000

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Apr 11, 2010
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Looking for a new pair of headphones for production and mixes.

I've been researching these two closely-priced headphones and to summarize I have found the following:

- Q40 has great bass, but it's also "colorized"
- HDJ-1000 break easily (a LOT of reviews said this)

Anyone here had experiences with either of these headphones or have something else to recommend me?

*EDIT* Primary genre is Trance, Progressive, Tech-Trance (so bass is fairly important, as much as highs and mids) as found at my mix @ http://forum.ah.fm/ah-fm-forum-member-mixes/25672-microsis-promo-mix-1-a.html
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- HDJ-1000 break easily (a LOT of reviews said this)
and breaks your ears with the terrible sound. If u really want to go pioneer, go for the HDJ2000, but it doesn't offer any isolation. I preferred the HD25 by sennheiser, eventhough it sounded slightly less crisp and less comfortable and less shiny, protecting my ears is more important. (still sounds great)
HD25s win hands down, I don't know what Aquinox meant by "less crisp", from my experience the Sennheisers are as close to monitor speakers as it can get in cans (meaning linear). Having said that the environment you'll use them in is kinda important too, if you're a club DJ you may want to look out for something that emphasises highs and mids as in Sony or Pioneer but from your description I presume home/studio environment. As all ears are different so it may be of advantage if you get the chance to try some out/on at a dj gear store or something ;)
well the sound from the HDJ2000 is a little better - but not worth nearly 150€ extra. If it isolated as much I might have considered them, though.
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