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Magdelayna - Approaching The Dawn [Free Track]


Moments of Energy
Apr 3, 2007
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Hi guys,this is a production i made in the summer,its a laid back uplifting trancer with a warm feel - it was the last track i made on my trusty old emac before switching to my new imac hehe..

I never went to any labels with it as im pretty tired with that whole side of the business tbh - im still waiting on a track release after nearly 2 years of making it,so sometimes id rather just give away tracks for free and get them out there!

Anyway,any comments or feedback are appreciated and feel free to use it any sets/shows etc. :)

Full 320 KBPS Links >>

Approaching The Dawn.mp3

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Cheers,Adam :dance:
Getting this, thanks for sharing :bravo::bravo:
Beautiful track :bravo::bravo::choon::choon: